Month: February 2019

முல்லைப்பாட்டில் இனவரைவியல் பதிவுகளும் ஆயர் பண்பாட்டு மரபுகளும் Ethnography records and pastoral cultural traditions in Mullaippattu

Abstract: This article examines the internal life styles of sheperd’s in Mullaippattu. It difine that Mullaippattu is included the ethnic life of sheperds. It has a collection of practices, rituals, war patterns, economical...

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 சங்கப் பாடல்களில் கூற்றும் கதைசொல்லியின் குரலும் sanga padalkalil kootrum kathaicholliyin kuralum (Narrator voice)

Abstract: Sangam Literature in general expresses us the emotions of the poets. Sangam poetry is subjective, because it expresses the emotions and feeling of the poets. Poems, during the age are divided on the basics of agam,...

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மருத்துவ விஞ்ஞானத்தின் ஒழுக்க மீறுகைகளும் அவற்றின் அனுமதிப் பாங்கும் Moral violations of medical science are also permitted

Abstract: This essay studies to find about how medical science violate medical ethics and its possibility. In our society, we can see more medical ethics. Some time which are accept by some person. But some time it is not accept...

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